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28 February 2008 @ 07:53 pm
i need a job,
i need change,
i need to get to america by june,
i have alot of needs basically,

it sucks
20 January 2008 @ 01:57 am
so its been eleven weeks since i last posted..shiit, my life did not just go mia it got rather busy.
The two weeks i spent in america were amazing hanging out with many diffrent people was awesome, partys were tight as fuck, and general chillaxing made the trip, the end of my trip i encounted a great experience...ACID it was awesome ive never though soo deep in my life and spending hours upon end chillin, playin music, talking, going to dennys then the mall then the airport and then passing out on the plane because smoking a few blunts before a plane ride is not the best idea plus mixed with acid when you havent slept your fucked but it was awesome, i had a great time and got some sleep on the plane.
When i got back i bought back guest from america, it was an ok time, ive changed alot from the summer and some people dont accept this, i also though i was finally falling for someone but i was wrong yet again, the situation went sour and then progressed that she went for my bass player/friend, damn shit sucks but whatevs.
after they left my old friend alex came back to visit it was brilliant, smoking weed everyday getting drunk in the morning playing video games, writing music hating school, missing america, craving fags, pub 16 days in a row, being broke, thats my life now in short lol.
28 October 2007 @ 05:18 am
So have you every put everything on the line for something you feel could be special and then it turns out like everything else and is ruined.

I experienced that today and it was lame, the distance of seperation being in in england is really killing me now, people arnt willing to wait for my return and are now screwing me over for something thats not my fault, damn.

On the bright side the music is looking up, got my solo acoustic shit together with bout 7 songs written and more to come putting togethher a total of a solid 2 hour set, i need shows in america let me know if you can hook me up.

I joined a band called "From The Word Go!" its punk and shit and they are really cool guys i plan on bringing them over in december when i come so we need some shows while were over and maybe a place to stay for a few nights.

college well its education, ive got a 1 year course on music tech including logic and shit so when im done with that i plan on returning to america and getting a job and well being back on top lol.

and if you are ever givin the oppotunity to take a risk for something do it, it will pay off eventually and be worth it, dont shoot it down to be comftable with where you are at, challenge yourself,
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